Selling Luxury Homes in Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia, PA, has a storied history of having some of the country's finest architecturally unique homes and buildings. Modern highrises, luxury townhomes, deluxe condos, single-family homes, and everything in between litter the marketplace with opportunities. Finding ways to make selling luxury homes in the crowded Philadelphia, PA, real estate market less stressful can prove challenging for most sellers. However, Kristen Foote isn’t your average seller.

Whether you are buying or selling a luxury condominium, flats, or even your penthouse in Philadelphia, our team can help you better market your property to remain competitive in the evolving real estate market. We can make selling a luxury home in Philadelphia, PA, a streamlined process that won't give you anxiety through our various concierge real estate services.

We know what it takes to sell a luxury loft with properties like the Ritz Carlton, 10 Rittenhouse, Rittenhouse Condominiums, 1706 Condominiums, The Barclay, and Delancey Street in our listings. We've helped clients get favorable offers by putting their luxury homes, loft apartments, townhomes, and condos up for sale. Our clients come in from across Philly, including the following neighborhoods:

  • Rittenhouse Square
  • Society Hill
  • Washington Square
  • Fitler Square
  • Graduate Hospital
  • Avenue of the Arts

Inside the Home Selling Process in Philadelphia, PA

Whether you're looking into selling your luxury home in Philadelphia, PA, now or in the future, understanding everything that goes into the process prepares you for navigating the market. Rapid changes to buyer behavior, the types of offers flooding the market, and which neighborhoods become popular with people can change quickly. Capitalizing on these rapid developments can help you sell a luxury loft with ease.

We understand that luxury home sales for loft apartments and townhomes in Rittenhouse Square can look vastly different from ones in Graduate Hospital. Led by Kristen Foote's 16+ years of experience, our team has the knowledge and expertise to best position your property in front of potential buyers. We'll walk you through every step of our process and ensure you aren't overwhelmed by it.

We have made putting up a condo in Society Hill an art form that leads to our clients getting quality buyers for the properties in no time. Our team focuses on getting your properties in front of the right people in the greater Philly area — including Washington Square, Fitler Square, and the Avenue of the Arts — as uncomplicated as possible.

However, there is still one thing that will make or break your real estate market experience — determining market value.

Helping You Determine Your Home's Market Value

Before selling your condominium, flat, or penthouse in Philadelphia, PA, you need to know what similar properties fetch on the open market. Determining the unique selling points that will draw potential buyers to your luxury home and how much that increases your home's value helps you determine how much you can list the property for.

Our team can help leverage current market trends and neighborhood dynamics to put your listing in the best position to succeed — and get you the best value for when you start selling your luxury home in Philadelphia, PA.

Trust Kristen Foote & Co. With Your Luxury Home Selling Needs!

Selling your luxury home in Philadelphia, PA, can seem like a daunting task. Finding ways to market and stand out from the competition can prove challenging with a saturated field featuring a wide range of similar properties. However, when you partner with Kristen Foote & Co., you get help from a seasoned industry expert that understands the Philly real estate market inside and out. Discover more about how we can help you sell your luxury home today!